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Get the best style hair cut in our Mesa Barbershop. Mikes Barber Shops provides quality & precise haircuts of over 50+ styles for any age!


Our Kids Haircuts provide a great look for your little Man! Our barbers are experienced with any age child haircut. We provide the best Kids haircut in Mesa!


We offer a great senior haircut discount. Got grey hair? We can handle you with care. Get the best quality haircut for a discounted prices. We love our seniors!


At Mike’s Barbershops, we are committed to our first responders. This is why we offer an emergency personnel discount. Police, Fire and all other hero’s

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Beard Trim & Shave


Make sure your beard is trimmed up to perfection. Let our barbers trim your beard with precision. We will show you how to trim your beard. Get an even, clean & precise beard look! At Mike’s Barbershops, all beards welcome!

SHAVE – $35

Have you ever experienced a barber shave? Mikes Barbershops offer a great shaving experience. We use new/sanitized straight razors every shave. Our barber shave is bar none the best in Mesa. Get hot shaving cream, a hot towel & rest facial. Our barbers will also give you a relaxing chair massage.

CUT + SHAVE – $50

Ready for your Man Spa treatment! Mikes Barbers invite you to experience the cut & shave combo. We will provide a great haircut. Get you relaxed with a rest facial. Make your beard look like a million bucks & provide a precise barbers shave. We use new straight razors, that will leave your face smooth!

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At Mike’s Barber Shops we are commited to how handsome you look after visiting our shop. We will style your haircut. Our barbers will style your haircut to your liking. Our styling is include in the haircut prices. Visit Mikes Barbershop in Mesa!


Our barber beard trimming provides you with the beard look you need. How to trim your beard? We will hand that for you. The style is included within the beard trimming prices.

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How to find the best barbershop for you!

How to find the best barbershop for you!

Exactly What is a Barbers Style Haircut? A Barber Shop Haircut is a haircut that is given by a barber in a barbershop. Barber shops are designed specifically for men, and typically offer services such as haircuts, shaves, and beard trimming. Barber shop haircuts are...

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Does Your Barbershop Provide Great Customer Service?

Does Your Barbershop Provide Great Customer Service?

Are Barber Shops Professional These Days? Barbers, The unprofessional professionals. A lot has happened in the customer service industry since I (Mike Magri Owner of Mike's BarberShops) graduated Barber School in 1975. We find it hard to find great customer service...

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We Are Open Respecting COVID-19 Keeping Patrons Safe

We Are Open Respecting COVID-19 Keeping Patrons Safe

Mike's BarberShops is Open! We will be doing our part to provide a safe and sanitary environment for everyone. Mikes BarberShop staff will be sporting our new uniforms that include a mask, face shield and gloves. Please, if you have any symptoms at all stay home. The...

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