Are Barber Shops Professional These Days?

Barbers, The unprofessional professionals. A lot has happened in the customer service industry since I (Mike Magri Owner of Mike’s BarberShops) graduated Barber School in 1975. We find it hard to find great customer service orientated professional Barbers looking to excel in the career they choose.

Putting together a team has become an exhausting effort, let alone we spend thousands of dollars to bring clients into the shop to provide a consistent flow for them to achieve a living that can be most substantial.

Barber Shops Should Offer Great Customer Service

Not a place to talk locker room jargon! Barber Schools do not, nor have they ever taught how important customer service is for the success of the barber after schooling. We in the industry as a whole need to sharpen our skills in the customer service aspect of this industry in order to become successful as individuals & barbers moving forward.

Occasionally we speak with a business owner who tells us, the hardest part of running their business is finding good people with good skills. People want to get paid for doing nothing in the current landscape. Barbers need to step up their game and work for their clients.

Wake up Barbers, its time to move forward. We need to realize, we have a lot to share, if we want to be successful. Customer service should be in the forefront of your mind!

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